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Student messages

News and information directed to you as a student.

21 October 2020
The ongoing pandemic is affecting us all and 2020 is a completely different year. So far, the University of Skövde has managed without an outbreak of covid-19. So THANK YOU for holding on and keeping your distance to others!
9 October 2020
In the Study Support Centre, you can get help with improving your academic writing in both English and Swedish.
15 September 2020
The University library web chat is now up and running. Our librarians will answer your questions online.
26 August 2020
Unfortunately some of our course literature will not be provided as e-books at the start of the autumn semester, as one of the University's suppliers has declared bankruptcy. We are currently looking into possible solutions for this inconvenience.
25 August 2020
We are so happy that you all, both new and old students, are here on campus.
9 July 2020
We are looking forward to returning to campus studies this autumn and we are working hard to make campus as safe as possible for students and staff.
24 June 2020
The University of Skövde regularly monitors the quality of its education. The follow-up of subjects and educational programmes is conducted within a six-year cycle. The completed follow-up at the School of Bioscience shows good result. The reports will now serve as a basis for further development of the education.
17 June 2020
We keep the FAQ about the Coronavirus up to date by frequently adjusting it, adding new and removing outdated information. It is a good idea to check it from time to see if something has been updated.
1 June 2020
Visit The Student services' online reception/drop-in via Zoom, from June 2nd, 2020. Our opening hours are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00-12:30.
25 May 2020
The University of Skövde plans to teach on Campus again this autumn semester. It is currently the University’s main alternative and it includes both national and international students. But scenario planning for continued distance education is also being done.
6 May 2020
What do you think about distance education? We want to hear your opinion about your new study situation. The University of Skövde conducts a survey to capture both what is good and what is bad about distance education
4 May 2020
We know this spring has been more challenging than usual for many of our students. We would just like to remind you that the Student Support team is still around and can help with a lot of your questions.
30 April 2020
Starting on Monday May 4th, the handover of University access cards (in the G building) will be closed.
29 April 2020
There will be distance education for the remainder of this semester for the University’s students. Summer courses will also be given as distance education. This was announced by the Vice-Chancellor, Lars Niklasson on April 29.
3 April 2020
Student Affairs Office will have new opening hours from Monday, April 6.
25 March 2020
IT services office has gotten a few questions regarding the possibility to access software in computer labs remotely.
19 March 2020
There is now a FAQ with answers to questions about distance education and examination.
18 March 2020
As from March 19 there are new opening hours on Campus and for the University Library.
17 March 2020
The University of Skövde complies with the Government’s recommendation and the Vice-Chancellor Lars Niklasson has today, on March 17, made the decision to switch to distance education. The decision is valid from March 18.
13 March 2020
The School of Engineering Sciences tests teaching online through Zoom. The test is done as a preparation for dealing with a situation where the possibility of conducting campus education is affected by the Corona virus. If you are a student at ING and have a scheduled teaching opportunity on Monday Mars 16th, the teaching opportunity may have been moved to a Zoom room online. Read more about the test below.
13 March 2020
The University of Skövde continues to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Agency.
12 March 2020
Vice-Chancellor Lars Niklasson has, due to the government’s decision regarding major gatherings, decided to cancel the Open Day at the University on Saturday March 14th, 2020.
20 February 2020
On February 17th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs changed its recommendation regarding travel to China “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all trips to Hubei Province. Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against unnecessary trips to other parts of China, with the exception of Hong Kong and Macao. The advice is valid for the time being”. This new recommendation is not primarily due to the spread of the infection, but because there may be travel restrictions and that the health care resources in China are strained.
4 February 2020
Every now and then students and employees at the University receive emails where they're asked to upgrade or verify their email account by clicking on some more or less suspicious link. These are so-called phishing emails, and the best thing to do when you get a message like that is to delete it.
4 February 2020
The University Library's new service for searching in several different databases at the same time is LibSearch.
29 January 2020
The University of Skövde is closely following the development and the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Health in this matter. At the moment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel to the Hubei Province in China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Agency of Sweden are responsible for monitoring the development. They regularly update their information and recommendations.