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Student messages

News and information directed to you as a student.

28 May 2024
Ahoy, mateys! Join the adventure on May 31 when first year students in the course Interactive Performance and Games will present a live action role play (LARP) game. The LARP is open for the public to join and play!
8 May 2024
Communications Officer Cecilia Fransson and Addi Ait-Mlouk, programme coordinator at the Data Science master's program, are exhibiting at the University Library.
26 April 2024
Did you know that the University of Skövde has partnerships with more than 120 universities around the world? Find your favourite and apply for exchange studies for the Spring semester of 2025!
24 April 2024
Do not miss the opportunity to join INGENIUM’s e-sports competition on May 28 and 30. INGENIUM will bring students interested in e-sports together – online.
9 April 2024
Are you in the first year of a Master's programme at the University? Apply to INGENIUM's Senior Summer School in France, May 27-31. Travel and accommodation included.
8 April 2024
The nomination period for the Golden Apple 2024 is open! Take the chance to nominate the teacher you think has excelled or done something extra.
8 April 2024
Starting 15th April you will be notified through your student e-mail when your written examinations are available to collect at the Student Affairs Office.
5 April 2024
You now have the opportunity to exhibit something of your own on a wall in the library where you can show your work.
4 April 2024
The opening hours for IT support and helpdesk will change on Fridays from April 5.
4 April 2024
Do you have ideas about how to make campus life more sustainable? Apply for the first INGENIUM Hackathon - online and work together with other European students on the important subject.
3 April 2024
As the signs for the new parking system is not yet in place, you can currently park without using Parkster.
25 March 2024
Join us for an unforgettable week in Romania and learn more about innovation, entrepreneurship, and 3D printing. Make the most of your study time and make new contacts. The application for INGENIUM's second Summer School has opened.
22 March 2024
From 1 April 2024, parking permits via Parkster apply to all University car parks.
15 March 2024
You can now pay your tuition fee online with a debit or credit card.
14 March 2024
If you are looking for a book that is not held by the University Library, you are welcome to suggest the book for acquisition.
1 March 2024
Do you want to support and help new students who come to the University of Skövde? Sign up as a buddy!
20 February 2024
Student Mozhdeh Bagheri is exhibiting her photographs at the library.
20 February 2024
Now only results and test dates are shown in the Studentportal, grade distribution can instead be found in Ladok for students. This is an optional option that can be made when retrieving a result certificate.
5 February 2024
Do you want to gain new insights into the climate change, learn about initiatives trying to tackle it and also get to know students from all over Europe? Don't miss the INGENIUM European Climate Action Workshop on March 21.
30 January 2024
Foul Fingers and Fair Finds - sculpture by Ari Kolbeinsson. Exhibition at Skövde University Library winter and spring 2024.
25 January 2024
The number of alarms, above all, in Building Portalen has increased dramatically over the past year. When the exit doors are locked, the button with the key symbol MUST be used when leaving the building - otherwise the alarm will go off, which is very costly for the University.
25 January 2024
Do not flush paper towels down the toilets! Help us prevent clogs in the drains by using the toilets only for their intended purpose.
15 January 2024
To ensure functionality and usability, the University has asked the property owners to postpone the introduction of the new parking system on campus.
4 December 2023
On Saturday 9 December, the University will carry out a planned technical maintenance. During the day, it will have a major impact on the University's entire network as well as the services that depend on this, such as external web, Staff Portal, Student Portal and VPN.
1 December 2023
From 1 January 2024, the university will only issue digital degree certificate.
30 November 2023
The University is changing the system for booking group study rooms in the library.
27 November 2023
If you have an exam during week 1-2, you need to sign up in advance. Examination sign up is open from late November or early December and may close earlier than usual.
24 November 2023
Check out the Study Support Centre’s new Canvas course. It is like a dictionary or guide to writing academic texts. For example, how to refer correctly in English.
17 November 2023
Make the most of your study time and make new contacts. The application for INGENIUM's first Winter School has opened. Together with students and teachers from ten European countries, you have the opportunity to focus on entrepreneurship.
10 November 2023
We have now added the option to access the University account portal through Swedish BankID for both new and current users.
9 November 2023
The app Parkster will from next year be used for parking in parking lots on campus. The University's students and employees will be authorised to park in the campus parking lots, and have the option to purchase "monthly parking".
26 September 2023
The application period is open 15 September - 16 October and you can choose from hundreds of freestanding courses.
20 September 2023
Today we fly the Swedish flag at half-mast in memory of our employee Bertil Thorvaldsson. Bertil worked as a Senior Advisor at the School of Engineering Science after a long career in industrial robotics, both in Sweden, Germany and the USA.
19 September 2023
Join us! On Saturday 30 September, a Pride Parade is organised in Skövde. The parade is a festive end to the Rainbow Week. The Student Union in Skövde and staff from the University participate in the parade – together. Do you want to join?
18 September 2023
From 1 January 2024, there will be a parking fee in all the University's car parks. All car parks will also initially be available to both students and employees.
11 September 2023
The University's front doors will, from September 12, be unlocked at 7:45am. Before that time, you can enter with your access card.
31 August 2023
All applications for the fourth study period are now installed in the University's computer rooms. During the first couple of weeks of the semester, the helpdesk has increased its employees in order to quickly provide support to both students and employees.
29 August 2023
During the first weeks of the autumn semester many students come to the IT helpdesk's visitor desk for support. During this time six students will work in the helpdesk.
28 August 2023
Almost all applications for the forth semester are now installed in the University's computer rooms. Installations that include nearly 600 computers. During the first couple of weeks of the semester, the helpdesk has increased its employees in order to quickly provide support to both students and employees. The two applications still missing are Eclipse and Ableton.
18 August 2023
On August 17, the Director General of the Swedish Security Service decided to raise the threat level from elevated to high.
11 July 2023
Just before the autumn semester starts, new students will be welcomed during our introduction. The international introduction starts on 21 August.
8 June 2023
During the period June 12–23, some of the University's computer rooms will be closed due to reinstallation of software. Each room will be closed for about a week and during that time neither students nor teachers will have access to the rooms.
28 April 2023
Make the most of your study time and make international contacts. The application for INGENIUM's first Summer School has opened. Together with students and teachers from ten European countries, you have the opportunity to focus on language, culture and diversity for five days.
26 April 2023
The University of Skövde and Akademiska hus invite you to the opening of a new meeting place outside Hus A on campus. Students have requested improvements to the outdoor environment and during the reconstruction, the ambition has been to create an inviting outdoor environment for both students and staff. Come to the opening on Thursday 27 April, at 11:00-13:00.
24 April 2023
Have you got questions about your Academic writing and referencing in English?
14 April 2023
Don't miss that the University's opening hours are slightly adjusted - but perhaps enough for you to need an entry pass?
11 April 2023
A large defence exercise, with both Swedish and foreign military armed forces will be conducted during April and May. Between April 24 to May 2, a lot of exercises will take place in and around Skövde. But as early as the week after Easter, you will probably notice an increased military presence in the area.
29 March 2023
On April 17, everyone with a cervix, born 1994-1999, will have the opportunity to get vaccinated against HPV on campus as the project "Eradicate HPV and cervical cancer in VGR" visits the University of Skövde. The vaccination is free.
23 March 2023
All students who completed a program in the fall semester 2022 or will complete a program in the spring semester 2023 are invited to the University's graduation ceremony on May 17 at 1:00–2:30pm.
22 March 2023
Do you want to support and help new students who come to the University of Skövde? Sign up as a buddy!
9 March 2023
Now it's soon time for exam week. For those of you who have an exam during week 12, we have gathered information that is important to keep in mind.
2 March 2023
University of Skövde has established two scholarships which you now may apply for.
10 January 2023
There is a high spread of infectious diseases now. Many people are infected with Covid-19, influenza RS-virus and stomach flu. If you are ill with symptoms of respiratory infection, stomach illness or if you have a fever – stay at home. You should also avoid contact with others.
23 November 2022
The fire alarm will be tested in Building H on Tuesday 29 November starting at 7 am.
15 November 2022
There are several hundred international students at the University of Skövde. Students from all over the world who are eager to learn more about Swedish culture and language. Once a week the University offers a Swedish language and cultural café.
14 November 2022
Join us on 9 December when we will be placing the spotlight on learning in this year's Nobel Week Dialogue.
4 October 2022
The University of Skövde and other members of the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (SUHF) stand up for democracy and human rights. As a member of SUHF, the University of Skövde supports the concern about the situation in Iran that SUHF expresses on its website. You can read the statement below.
16 September 2022
The Swedish Government has decided that Muriel Beser Hugosson will be the University of Skövde's next Vice-Chancellor. She takes the position on 1 January 2023.
9 September 2022
Friday 9 September, the exam schedule for LP5 will be published.
29 August 2022
During 29 August to 2 September, the University shop and Issuing disk for entry pass are open daily between 9 am-1:30 pm.
22 August 2022
During the period 22 August to 2 September, applications will be installed on the computers in the University's computer rooms.
18 August 2022
It is great that we can gather on campus. The introduction for all international students starts on Monday 22 August.
23 June 2022
Don't forget to sign up for the re-examination weeks in August. Exam sign-up for August opens as usual exactly 4 weeks before the exam day.
6 May 2022
The University is now experiencing problems with the search function on both the external web and on the Student Portal. Employees work to solve the problem.
5 May 2022
Friday, May 6, between 8.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00, is the last opportunity to get help to change the password via Zoom.
2 May 2022
Today,May 2, at 12: 30-16: 30 and Tuesday May 3,at 08: 00-12:00 and 12:30-16: 30 are there new opportunities for you to change your password via Zoom. This if you cannot get to the IT helpdesk at the University.
29 April 2022
On Monday, the computer rooms at the University will open again. It will also be possible to access the databases in the library via the VMware client.
28 April 2022
On Thursday April 28, it is possible to change passwords via Zoom for those who cannot come to the IT Helpdesk in the E-building on campus. Zoom is open 12:00-16:30.
27 April 2022
The University hopes that the computer rooms will be available for both students and teaching again, in the beginning of next week. And also, that the VDI environment will work. The University once again urges students and employees to watch out for phishing emails.
25 April 2022
The University has urged all employees and students to change passwords to their accounts in the University's IT system before 12:00, Monday 25 April.
22 April 2022
Students and staff at the University of Skövde need to change their passwords to their accounts in the University's IT system. The change should be made no later than 12.00 on Monday 25 April.
22 April 2022
During 25–29 April, the University's protection measures will continue to affect teaching. The University continues to implement a number of protection measures to protect IT systems against cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, the measures affect parts of the University.
20 April 2022
The University implements a number of protection measures to protect IT systems against cyber-attacks. But the measures affect parts of the University.
19 April 2022
According to previous information, the University implements measures to protect IT systems against cyber-attacks. This work means that it can be difficult to log in to the student computers on campus during April 19-22.
14 April 2022
The University now implements additional measures to protect IT systems against cyber-attacks. The work makes it difficult to log in to the student computers on campus in the following days. IT Helpdesk is closed for visitors on Maundy Thursday, 14 April, but you can always send an email.
15 March 2022
March 14-20 is National Vaccination Week in Sweden. The Public Health Agency recommends that everyone aged 12 years and above get vaccinated against Covid-19.
8 March 2022
The University wants to encourage all students to be alert against cyberattacks. The changing security situation in Europe increases the risk of cyberattacks against Swedish authorities, such as universities.
4 March 2022
On Monday, March 7th, at 3 pm, the national warning signal for important message, also called “Hesa Fredrik” will be tested in Swedish cities. The signal is tested at 3 pm, the first Monday of March, September and December, and on the second Monday of June this year. There is no need to worry if you hear the signal during these times.
25 February 2022
Due to the situation in Ukraine, here is information for you who are a student at the University of Skövde.
4 February 2022
On February 9, most of the recommendations and restrictions associated with Covid-19 in Sweden will end. The University is gradually following and from February 21, lectures for more than 50 students can therefore be held on Campus.
26 January 2022
As a student at the University of Skövde, you do not, at present, need to notify your Course Coordinator if you have tested positive for Covid-19. The Infection Control at the hospital in Skövde has decided that the University currently does not need to identify and contact students/employees who may have been in contact with infected people at the University.
21 January 2022
Tomorrow, on January 22, many health centers in Västra Götaland, the region where Skövde is located, will be open for drop-in-vaccination between 10am and 2pm.
12 January 2022
From 17 January, the University will have part of the teaching digitally. These are teaching occasions where there are more than 50 students at the same lecture.
7 January 2022
During Spring semester, Student Support will arrange activities for students at the University of Skövde. The purpose is to support you, regardless if distance education is your own choice or not.
13 December 2021
As a measure during the hybrid mode, placement lists have been sent out to the course coordinator and examiner prior to the examination. This will now end and we will return to our ordinary routine.
9 December 2021
Between 20th of December and 9th of January, the opening hours on University Campus will change.
9 December 2021
Teaching and examinations at the University are not, currently, affected by the new recommendations that were introduced on 8 December to reduce the spread of Covid-19. For the time being, the University continues to provide campus-based education on campus.
8 December 2021
Which questions should the University ask in the digital course evaluation questionnaire?
24 November 2021
We know that you, as a student, can give the University important knowledge of how you perceive your education, your student life and what you think of the study environment at campus. Therefore, we are doing a survey right now, called Studentbarometern.
24 November 2021
The University of Skövde can no longer use BankID as a login method to obtain a new password. Students are therefor recommended to update account with complimentary information.
23 November 2021
Great news! Without a car, it has been rather difficult getting to Billingen, unless you are prepared to climb a small mountain by feet. Now it is possible to take the bus instead.
19 November 2021
From 22 November, the Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that everyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should get tested. This applies to everyone, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not.
4 November 2021
GDC Vault is a trove of in-depth design, technical and inspirational talks and slides from the influencers of the game development industry, taken from over 20 years of the worldwide Game Developers Conferences.
2 November 2021
The library now has introduced a new system for managing printed books. To be able to borrow, check your loans and make reservations you will have to choose a new PIN code.
26 October 2021
Due to change of system it will not be possible to search books in LibSearch, borrow, renew or make reservations for books 29-31 October.
14 October 2021
As a student at the University of Skövde, you can be vaccinated against Covid-19 on campus. The next vaccination opportunity is on Monday 18 October in the G Building, room G326. It is drop-in between 9am-1pm.
29 September 2021
Vice-Chancellor Lars Niklasson sends a little message to students and staff about returning to campus on October 4.
14 September 2021
You who have registered an interest in vaccination against Covid-19 can be vaccinated on 16/9 or 20/9 at the University in house G, room G326. Between 9 am -1 pm there will be a drop-in, both for you who are to take dose 1 or dose 2.
7 September 2021
Monday 20th of September, the University Library gives an introduction to the reference management tool EndNote Web/Online via Zoom.
24 August 2021
We are now going to increase accessibility to the library by introducing Extended Access in the evenings too.
2 June 2021
The University of Skövde begins the autumn semester with a mixture of teaching on campus and at a distance. This hybrid mode is valid until the beginning of October. This is the University's plan for the autumn semester 2021.
2 June 2021
SAGE Business Cases is a discipline-wide digital collection. These cases bring business to life – inspiring students to develop their own best practices and prepare for professional success.
20 May 2021
The pandemic has prevented a lot, but it won’t stop students from graduating, and that needs to be celebrated! On May 28, you who graduate from the University of Skövde during the spring semester -21 are most welcome to the Student Union's digital spring prom on Discord.
21 April 2021
At present, many of you are at an intensive stage of your essay/thesis writing. Do you need constructive help with structure, language and other aspects of the writing process? In which case, you are most welcome to the Study Support Center (Swedish: Studieverkstan).
15 April 2021
O’Reilly for Higher Education includes approximately 44,000 ebooks and approximately 30,000 hours of video from different publishers (O’Reilly, Pearson, Packt, Wiley, HarperCollins etc.).
26 March 2021
During this week, there are no new known confirmed cases of Covid-19 at the previously affected student residence. Many affected students have followed the call from the County Medical Office Västra Götaland and taken the test. The County Medical Officer now urges everyone to follow the recommendations and not have any parties.
24 March 2021
The University is planning for campus teaching this Autumn semester.
10 March 2021
The University of Skövde has become aware of some cases of Covid-19 infection among students at two student residences in Skövde. Students from these residences have recently been on campus.
5 March 2021
The University of Skövde switched to distance education almost a year ago, due to the pandemic. Already last spring, we conducted a survey to capture both what was good and what was bad about distance education. It is now time again.
3 March 2021
During self-service hours, 10 am-12 pm, you need to use your entry pass to enter the University library.
16 February 2021
The library provides drop-in guidance on search strategies and evaluating sources.
8 January 2021
Due to the current situation, the campus restaurant Götasalen and Caffè Dallucci have decided to stay closed during the spring semester.
18 December 2020
If you have tested positive for Covid-19, you need to notify your Course Coordinator. Why, you may wonder - as you mostly study at a distance anyway?
26 November 2020
With the increased restrictions due to covid-19, the number of people allowed to stay in the library's group room is limited.
19 November 2020
From now the opening hours for buildings and lecture rooms on Campus are changed until further notice.
4 November 2020
Distance education if possible and campus education if needed. The situation with increased spread of the Corona virus now means that the University of Skövde is expanding education given at a distance. The university's Vice-Chancellor, Lars Niklasson, urges the departments to increase the degree of remotely given education.
4 November 2020
The University Library's opening hours are temporarily changed to Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, the change applies from Friday 6 November. At the same time, the chat's opening hours are extended to Mon-Fri 8am-2pm. The change is due to the stricter general guidelines that apply in Västra Götaland.
2 November 2020
About new stricter general advice from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, October 29th
21 October 2020
The ongoing pandemic is affecting us all and 2020 is a completely different year. So far, the University of Skövde has managed without an outbreak of covid-19. So THANK YOU for holding on and keeping your distance to others!
9 October 2020
In the Study Support Centre, you can get help with improving your academic writing in both English and Swedish.
15 September 2020
The University library web chat is now up and running. Our librarians will answer your questions online.
26 August 2020
Unfortunately some of our course literature will not be provided as e-books at the start of the autumn semester, as one of the University's suppliers has declared bankruptcy. We are currently looking into possible solutions for this inconvenience.
25 August 2020
We are so happy that you all, both new and old students, are here on campus.
9 July 2020
We are looking forward to returning to campus studies this autumn and we are working hard to make campus as safe as possible for students and staff.
24 June 2020
The University of Skövde regularly monitors the quality of its education. The follow-up of subjects and educational programmes is conducted within a six-year cycle. The completed follow-up at the School of Bioscience shows good result. The reports will now serve as a basis for further development of the education.
17 June 2020
We keep the FAQ about the Coronavirus up to date by frequently adjusting it, adding new and removing outdated information. It is a good idea to check it from time to see if something has been updated.
1 June 2020
Visit The Student services' online reception/drop-in via Zoom, from June 2nd, 2020. Our opening hours are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00-12:30.
25 May 2020
The University of Skövde plans to teach on Campus again this autumn semester. It is currently the University’s main alternative and it includes both national and international students. But scenario planning for continued distance education is also being done.
4 May 2020
We know this spring has been more challenging than usual for many of our students. We would just like to remind you that the Student Support team is still around and can help with a lot of your questions.
29 April 2020
There will be distance education for the remainder of this semester for the University’s students. Summer courses will also be given as distance education. This was announced by the Vice-Chancellor, Lars Niklasson on April 29.
3 April 2020
Student Affairs Office will have new opening hours from Monday, April 6.
25 March 2020
IT services office has gotten a few questions regarding the possibility to access software in computer labs remotely.
19 March 2020
There is now a FAQ with answers to questions about distance education and examination.
18 March 2020
As from March 19 there are new opening hours on Campus and for the University Library.
17 March 2020
The University of Skövde complies with the Government’s recommendation and the Vice-Chancellor Lars Niklasson has today, on March 17, made the decision to switch to distance education. The decision is valid from March 18.
13 March 2020
The School of Engineering Sciences tests teaching online through Zoom. The test is done as a preparation for dealing with a situation where the possibility of conducting campus education is affected by the Corona virus. If you are a student at ING and have a scheduled teaching opportunity on Monday Mars 16th, the teaching opportunity may have been moved to a Zoom room online. Read more about the test below.
13 March 2020
The University of Skövde continues to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Agency.
12 March 2020
Vice-Chancellor Lars Niklasson has, due to the government’s decision regarding major gatherings, decided to cancel the Open Day at the University on Saturday March 14th, 2020.
20 February 2020
On February 17th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs changed its recommendation regarding travel to China “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all trips to Hubei Province. Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against unnecessary trips to other parts of China, with the exception of Hong Kong and Macao. The advice is valid for the time being”. This new recommendation is not primarily due to the spread of the infection, but because there may be travel restrictions and that the health care resources in China are strained.
4 February 2020
Every now and then students and employees at the University receive emails where they're asked to upgrade or verify their email account by clicking on some more or less suspicious link. These are so-called phishing emails, and the best thing to do when you get a message like that is to delete it.
29 January 2020
The University of Skövde is closely following the development and the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Health in this matter. At the moment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel to the Hubei Province in China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Agency of Sweden are responsible for monitoring the development. They regularly update their information and recommendations.