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Computers and software

There are computer labs in most buildings on campus. The labs are customized for each school, so the software available in each lab can differ. There are also some possibilities to install software on you personal devices.

Computers and computer labs

There are computer labs in buildings A, D, E, G, the library and Portalen. To enter the labs you need an access card or a code. You can find necessary codes in the student portal.

There are some computers on campus that don't require access cards or codes. They're located in the following areas: 

  • Building G, ground floor
  • Building G, first floor
  • Building E, ground floor
  • Building E, first floor next to Student Services/IT helpdesk

Software in computer labs

The software available in computer labs will differ depending on if it's a computer lab with thin clients or desktop computers. In labs with thin clients the software will also differ depending on what school you belong to.

Standard software, such as Microsoft office is available on all computers.

Remote access

You can use VMware Horizon Client to access University systems remotely, for example if you take online classes or don't want to go to campus. There are guides on how to install the client on our self-service portal HelpIT.

Software available for download

Published: 3/24/2020