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Vaccination on campus 16 and 20 September

You who have registered an interest in vaccination against Covid-19 can be vaccinated on 16/9 or 20/9 at the University in house G, room G326. Between 9 am -1 pm there will be a drop-in, both for you who are to take dose 1 or dose 2.

  • Please bring your identification with you
  • Before you are vaccinated you need to fill in a health declaration form
  • The vaccine is given in your upper arm, near your shoulder. Please, wear a sweater that makes it easy for the nurse to give the vaccine
  • After your injection, you must sit and wait for 15 minutes before leaving the premises
  • If you take dose 1 on campus, you will receive a booked time for dose 2 when you get your first dose
  • Närhälsan is responsible for the vaccination and vaccinates mainly with Moderna and possibly also with Pfizer. You cannot choose which vaccine you receive.
  • You cannot get vaccinated if you have a fever or symptoms of Covid-19
  • The vaccination is free of charge for everyone
  • The Healthcare Guide 1177 and The Public Health Agency of Sweden have answers to the most frequently asked questions about the vaccinations and Covid-19.
Published: 9/14/2021