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The University of Skövde is increasing distance education

Distance education if possible and campus education if needed. The situation with increased spread of the Corona virus now means that the University of Skövde is expanding education given at a distance. The university's Vice-Chancellor, Lars Niklasson, urges the departments to increase the degree of remotely given education.

At the end of October, the spread of Corona virus increased in both Västra Götaland and large parts of the country. Several regions, including Västra Götaland, are covered by the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s decision on stricter general guidelines. They are valid from October 29th to November 19th, but can be extended. The University is now increasing the amount of distance education during the remaining part of the autumn semester.

Look at your schedule

As a student at the University of Skövde, it is important to often look at your schedule in TimeEdit and Canvas to see if there are any changes. The schedule shows if you have teaching/exams on site on campus or if teaching/exams take place with digital support at a distance. The amount of distance teaching will differ between different departments, but also between different programmes and courses in the departments.

– There are also education and examination elements that cannot be performed remotely, even if we want to. This may be due to the fact that it is not possible to change the planning in such a short time, that the education requires certain equipment that is on campus or that the legal certainty of an exam cannot be kept at a distance, says Lars Niklasson, Vice-chancellor.

Remember to keep your distance

We also want to remind you to keep your distance from others both indoors and outdoors. Also, remember to wash your hands often or use hand sanitiser. Avoid public transport if possible and other places where there are a risk of congestion. Stay home if you feel a little sick, or go home if you start to feel unwell with cold symptoms. On the Student Portal, we will continuously update if the situation changes.

The University is open

The University will be open as usual. The University's premises have previously been adapted to reduce the risk of the spread of infection. This includes changes in furniture, extended cleaning, Plexiglas protection at counters and many hygiene stations. The University of Skövde follows the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden 

Published: 11/4/2020