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If you should have a complaint

Here you can find information about how you can express your opinions or make a complaint. The basic rule is that you should always, in the first instance, contact the person who is directly concerned by the complaint.

Cases with established procedures for queries and complaints

For certain kinds of cases, there will be established procedures that you must follow if you wish to enquire or complain about something. For example, such procedures are in place for cases regarding the required qualifications for courses, the crediting of equivalent studies or the reassessment of grades, etc.

Other kinds of query or complaint

If there is no existing procedure for the processing of a query or complaint, you must contact the appropriate teacher or representative from the Support Services.
If you are uncertain as to which teacher or staff member is responsible for the issue in question – or if there is an established procedure for the case – you can contact the Student Affairs Office, which is the University’s helpdesk for all students.

If, having made contact with the relevant staff member, the problem persists, your case can be moved on to the next stage, in accordance with the hierarchy illustrated in this diagram.

Hierarchy of responsibility in accordance with the University’s organisational and delegation document.

Diagram: Hierarchy of responsibility in accordance with the University’s organisational and delegation document.

If you should be dissatisfied with the way in which your case has been processed (i.e. if you feel that the case has not been handled correctly), you may also make use of the responsibility hierarchy. This applies to all types of case, including those with and without established procedures for processing queries or complaints.

For all cases concerning queries or complaints, you can receive support from the Student Union.

Comprehensive information can be found in the Instructions concerning queries and complaints from students document.

The instructions and information on this page apply to educational courses both on a basic and advanced level. For doctoral students, the equivalent information is available here.

Published: 12/10/2019


Student Affairs Office
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Telephone: 0500-448100

Student Union
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