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Do you want to be a better writer?

Check out the Study Support Centre’s new Canvas course. It is like a dictionary or guide to writing academic texts. For example, how to refer correctly in English.

The Study Support Centre’s pages on Canvas are a complement to supervision or a resource for you to use on your own if you want to learn more about academic writing.

Look up the texts and examples to make you a better writer. For example, here is a useful module: Check list before submitting a text

The course have been compiled by Rhonwen Bowen, Senior lecturer in English linguistics/tutor.

If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact Sara
Sjöström, tutor, Study Support Centre,

Published: 11/24/2023


Study Support Centre


Staff – Study Support Centre

  • Birgit Persson
  • Sara Sjöström
  • Rhonwen Bowen
    Senior Lecturer in English, Ph.D./Tutor