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The University starts the autumn semester in a hybrid mode

The University of Skövde begins the autumn semester with a mixture of teaching on campus and at a distance. This hybrid mode is valid until the beginning of October. This is the University's plan for the autumn semester 2021.

The University of Skövde is planning for a return to campus during the autumn of 2021 and the return will take place gradually. It has already been decided that the summer semester will be conducted with distance education. The initial weeks of the autumn semester will then be conducted in a hybrid education mode

Until 3 October, all lectures that are for groups larger than 50 students will be held digitally. On October 4, the University switches to regular campus teaching.

- A student who is admitted to a campus-based education must plan for it to be given on site in Skövde. However, the student can start their studies at a distance during the first weeks of the semester, says the University's Vice Chancellor, Lars Niklasson.

Continues with precautions

The University has since the outbreak of the pandemic taken a number of various precautions to make campus as “Coronasafe” as possible for both students and employees. The precautions will remain during the first part of the autumn semester and thereafter the situation with covid-19 will determine when it is time to remove them.

On 16 July notice of admission for educations that start in the autumn semester will be sent out.

Published: 6/2/2021

The University starts the autumn semester in a hybrid mode