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Security Organisation

At the University of Skövde, there is a security organisation that is responsible for ensuring the provision of a safe and secure study environment. The basis of this involves protecting the University’s valuable assets.

From a security perspective, there is much at the University that is worthy of protection. Examples include students and personnel, information (e.g. research, student assignments), materials and the physical premises. The security organisation works to ensure that any party that may wish to inflict damage on the institution will not succeed, either by intercepting attempted attacks or by swiftly resolving attacks.

For students, it is important that you know to whom you can turn if you become of aware of any activity that may be injurious to the University. This could, for example, include vandalism, break-ins, the unusual functioning of IT systems, or the presence on the University’s premises of individuals who clearly should not be there.

Updated: 8/22/2022 1:30:46 PM
Published: 7/29/2020

Call 112 in case of emergency!

In the event of an emergency requiring attendance by the police, an ambulance or the fire & rescue service, always call 112.

The event shall also be reported to your programme coordinator, who can be contacted by telephoning 0500-44 80 00.