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Confirmed Covid-19 cases among students

The University of Skövde has become aware of some cases of Covid-19 infection among students at two student residences in Skövde. Students from these residences have recently been on campus.

Students at the University who may have been in close contact with one of the Covid-19-infected students, when being at the University campus, will receive information from their course coordinator or someone else from the school. The student will get information about testing and relating to social contacts.

The University is in contact with the infection control doctor and handle the situation. The closest affected students have received information. The University of Skövde is now taking a number of precautions to help prevent the continued spread of infection. If you are affected by such a measure, you will receive information about this from your course coordinator or from someone else at your school.

The University acts according to the Action Plan in the event of a confirmed Covid-19 infection within the University, and has contact with infection control doctor at the Hospital.

At, you can book an appointment for a Covid-test at a Health center in Skövde. The test is free of charge. If you are infected, contact your course coordinator immediately and tell us which students and/or University staff you have been in contact with 24 hours before symptoms and/or positive test results.

We would like to remind you that it is very important that you keep your distance from other people indoors and outdoors. And that you stay in your home if you do not feel well.

Take care!

Information about Covid-19 test


Published: 3/10/2021