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Students’ rights and obligations

As a student at the University of Skövde, you enjoy many rights, but you are also subject to certain obligations. Student rights may involve issues such as the work environment, but can also apply to when you receive your timetable or when your examinations shall have been marked by. Examples of your obligations include compliance with examination rules and the stating of references, but they also concern the ways in which you treat your classmates and the staff at the University.

The University is a public body that is answerable to the Swedish government. As at all universities in Sweden, the study programmes we offer are subject to Swedish legislation – primarily the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance. At the University of Skövde, there are also local regulations that apply to students. It is therefore important that you find out about the rules that apply to you, so that you can get the maximum benefit from the time you spend studying with us.

Published: 1/17/2020