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About examination

Most courses end with an assessment in the form of a written examination where students knowledge is tested. Other forms of assessment can include home examinations, laboratory experiments, seminars and submitted assignments.

Examination at University of Skövde


At the University of Skövde, there is a document containing rules that apply during examinations – Guidelines for examination (pdf, only in Swedish). The document applies to both students and teachers at the university. We have gathered the most important information to know about when taking an exam at the University of Skövde.

Read more in English About registration and examination.

Home exam

A home examination is a written examination carried out individually or in a group at an optional location during a limited time. 

Previous examination

If you want to familiarize yourself with how an examination could be, there are previous examinations available at previous examination.

Examination schedule

Normally an examination occurs during a predetermined week or at the end of the course. However, dates for re-examination opportunities does not need occur during a predetermined week. Instead, the normally occur 6-8 weeks after the ordinary date.

For program- and independent course-students, information about examinations comes automatically from the respective program- or course-schedule. This applies to courses occurring during the ordinary term.

Unfinished courses

Information about examinations for unfinished courses, from previous terms, can be found by looking at the course-schedule for the current term. 

Expired courses

If a course is taken out of the educational program, the university will provide three re-examinations for that course in the coming year. 

Students who are or has been registered to the expired course during the last four terms and are yet to finish the course, will be given a written notification that the course is expiring and an invitation for re-examination. 

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