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Credit transfer

As a student you are entitled to apply to have credits transferred for previous courses and/or study programmes at the University of Skövde. This applies to both in swedish and foreign courses and study programmes. You must be or have been registered to a course or study programme at the University of Skövde for your application to be assessed and it should always be linked to a specific course or degree at the University.

At University of Skövde, credit transfers is divided into three categories:

  • credit transfer from studies in Sweden (studies at degree level)
  • credit transfer from foreign studies (studies at a level that represents swedish degree level)
  • credit transfer from other merits (education other than at a degree level or skills and knowledge gathered while in a working enviroment) 

When should you apply for a credit transfer?

The purpose of credit transfer is to shorten the way to graduation. You should not have to study something that you already have adequate knowledge about. If you have finished a course in another swedish educational centre, you normally don't have to apply for a credit transfer. If the course is supposed to be included in the main field of a general or professional degree, you may need to apply for a credit transfer. A credit transfer is also required if the course, in which you consider yourself adequately educated in, is a part of your study programme and is a prerequisite for you to continue your education. 

Apply for a credit transfer

You should always contact a student or career counselor if you plan on applying for a credit transfer. In some cases, the credit transfer is a quick and smooth process but there can be issues that makes the process time consuming. Information about the documents that should be included in your application can be found in the applicationform. If possible, we would like all students to send your application to, preferably as a scanned pdf-file. If you dont have the opportunity to scan your pdf, the application can be sent from your own student mail without a signature.

Apply for a credit transfer as an exchange student

If you have been an exchange student before, please consult you student and career counselor for any help regarding a credit transfer.

Who makes the decision about a credit transfer?

The degree evaluations officer makes the decision on an application for a credit transfer. You will be notified by Email or regular mail if your application has been approved. The decision is sent to the address given on the application. If your application is not approved, you will recieve a rejection. This rejection can be appealed. The rules regarding a credit transfer can be found in Högskoleförordningen chapter 6, § 6-8 SFS 1993:100.

Published: 3/19/2020

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