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Study documentation – Ladok

Ladok is a national system for study documentation. The university is required by law to keep documentation of students studying at first cycle, second cycle and third cycle level.

What information is available in Ladok?

In addition to your personal information, Ladok stores information about basic eligibility, admission, course registrations, results, interruptions in studies, studies abroad and degrees.

The information in Ladok makes it possible for you as a student to follow your studies. The information on registration forms the basis for the payment of study grants from CSN. In addition, Statistics Sweden, among others regularly receives Ladok data for national education statistics.

Access to the data in Ladok

The University of Skövde has its own Studentportalen where you can take care of most things about your studies, such as registration, registration for exams, see results and schedule, etc.

At the University of Skövde, Ladok's national student portal Studentwebb ( is only used for you to be able to obtain various verifiable certificates and for the Degree certificate application.

A public register

The University of Skövde is a Swedish agency and as such is subject to the principle of openness. The basic principle is that all information about the students in Ladok is public as well as corresponding information registered in another way. Disclosure of information must, however, take place in a controlled manner and in accordance with relevant laws and local rules.

Change contact information


Ladok picks up your address from the Swedish population register if you have a Swedish identification number (personnummer), but you can also add another contact address in the University of Skövde's Studentportal. The address you enter will apply to all universities where you are a student.

Swedish population register

Every week, Ladok collects information on population registration addresses from the Swedish Tax Agency. The population registration address and names that have been added or changed in the population register during the past week are then automatically transferred to Ladok. If you have entered an address other than the population registration address, that address will not be changed.

If your population registration address or name does not match Ladok, contact the Swedish Tax Agency to check that your information is correct there. Only the first name that is marked as a given name at the Swedish Tax Agency is retrieved.

Email and phone number

As a student at the University of Skövde, you have access to a student e-mail that is the same as your student account followed by While you are a student, the University communicates primarily via your student e-mail. You need to regularly check your student email or forward it to another e-mail so as not to miss important information. The student e-mail will still be used even if you enter another e-mail in Studentportalen/Ladok.

In the University of Skövde's student portal, you can enter the e-mail address and telephone number you want to be contacted at in addition to the student e-mail. If you have not studied at an university before, the e-mail address you provided when registering at will be in Ladok. If you have studied at another university before, the same e-mail address you had then will remain.

Even if you are a student at several different universities at the same time, you only have one e-mail address in Ladok. Check that you have the correct e-mail in our student portal.

Updated: 6/23/2022 12:15:58 PM
Published: 4/26/2022