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Parking fees on campus are handled by Parkster

The app Parkster will from next year be used for parking in parking lots on campus. The University's students and employees will be authorised to park in the campus parking lots, and have the option to purchase "monthly parking".

From 1 January 2024, there will be a parking fee in all the University's car parks. The car parks will initially be available to both students and employees. It is now decided that the parking fee will be handled through the app Parkster.

Two types of ticket

You will need to have a Parkster account to be able to park on campus.

There will be two different types of parking ticket: short-term parking and monthly parking. The latter can only be used by students and employees.

If you already have a Parkster account, you do not need to create a new one. Then you only need to enter your university email address the first time you buy a monthly ticket.

If you do not have a Parkster account, you need to create one. You can do this with any email address. To apply for monthly parking, you need to enter your university email address in the app the first time you buy a ticket. You can then buy a monthly ticket.

Read more about Parkster on their website

I ride a motorcycle, do I need to use Parkster?
Mopeds and motorcycles with a registration number and which are parked in a parking space need to be registered and paid for in the app.

Parking fees

The costs listed are now fixed and valid from 1 January 2024:

Hourly parking

Weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The first two hours are free, then SEK 12 per hour

24 hour parking

Per day/24 hours: SEK 70

Monthly parking

Per month: SEK 300

All other times: SEK 5 per hour

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Published: 11/9/2023