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Graduation ceremony for graduating students

All students who completed a program in the fall semester 2022 or will complete a program in the spring semester 2023 are invited to the University's graduation ceremony on May 17 at 1:00–2:30pm.

The ceremony will be held in Valhall at Kulturhuset. The university invites you for music, speeches from the chancellor and the student union president as well as the awarding of scholarships.

A subsequent mingling takes place in the campus area with lighter food.

Registration and reserve list

The invitation to the graduate students will be sent via e-mail. The last day for registration is April 23, 2023.

After that, places will be reserved for registered graduating students, then the remaining places will be distributed to requested guests in the order they were registered.

After registration has closed you will receive an email with confirmation of the number of guests you may bring.  A reserve list will be opened for late registration, these places will be distributed according to availability.

Spring Ball

In the evening of 17 May, the Student Union organizes the annual spring ball with a festive opportunity to end the studies on a high note. Info and registration will come on Orbi.

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Published: 3/23/2023