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Opening hours are slightly adjusted

Don't miss that the University's opening hours are slightly adjusted - but perhaps enough for you to need an entry pass?

The university's opening hours will be slightly adjusted from 15 April.

After the adjustment, entry cards are needed to enter the University's teaching houses from 18:00, instead of 19:00, during Mondays-Thursdays.

Other days are unchanged.

Published: 4/14/2023

Teaching houses

Regular opening hours

07:45–18:00 (entry card 07:00–07:45 and 18:00–24:00)

07:45–17:00 (entry card 07:00–07:45 and 17:00–21:00)

Only entry card 07:30–18:00

Only entry card 07:30–24:00

Summer 2024

Opening hours for the teaching houses are changed during June 17 and August 25.