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Registration for each course on time is mandatory in order to keep your study place in the courses/programme you have been admitted to.

Registration period

  • Spring semester 2024: January 2-8
  • Summer semester 2024: May 13-20
  • Autumn semester 2024: August 5-12


  • When admitted to continued courses within your programme (semesters 2-6) you can register for courses up until the start date.
  • If you have been conditionally admitted, you have until the start of the course/programme to register.

Register at the web page "Course registration" (login required). Login is obtained by activating your student account.
The registration procedure is organised differently for newly admitted students via and for exchange students. Read more on under Registration and "How to register (per category)".


If you want to retake (complete) an unfinished course and need to attend lectures or laboratories, you can ask for re-registration.

Re-registrations are only allowed if:

  • You have been registered for the course before.
  • The course is given that semester and there is an available place.
  • The course you want to be re-registered for retain the same course code it had when you were registered previously.

Note! When re-registered you will study according to current the syllabus and examination plan for that semester. Please check if the syllabus and examination plan is the same as when you took the course previously. If it has changed, you need to apply for credit transfer in Ladok for students, for credits from passed examinations in the previous course to be transferred to the current course.


Apply for re-registration by contacting the course coordinator before or at the beginning of the course. State which course you wish to retake, which week the course begins and whether it is a campus or distance course. The re-registration will show up in the Student Portal if approved by the course coordinator.

You then need to actively re-register by yourself on the new course instance for the re-registration to be valid. This is done in Studentportalen during the same registration period as ordinary courses.

Re-registration is not needed

You may wish to take examinations in a course you have not completed and no need to attend lectures or laboratories. Please sign up for examinations via, the Student Portal or via The Student Affairs Office. To submit examination assignments, please contact the course coordinator for instruction on how to submit the assignment.

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Published: 6/13/2022


Phone hours Admission

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 10:00–11:30

Phone: 0500–448200