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Degree Certificate

When you have finished your studies and fulfilled the requirements for a degree you must apply for your Degree Certificate. The Degree Certificate is the formal proof that the education has been completed.

Degree Certificates are digital

From 1 January 2024, the university will issue all Degree Certificates digitally. This means that you, as a student, collect your digital Degree Certificate yourself in the "Ladok for students" portal.

Students who receive a digital Degree Certificate can easily get and share the Degree Certificate with external parts such as potential employers. Your certificate is kept in "Ladok for students", therefore you can retrieve it again every time you need the certificate.

Students who have already received a physical Degree Certificate issued before the digital Degree Certificates began to be issued cannot obtain their Degree Certificate digitally as well.

The content of the Degree Certificate

The degree certificate includes the name of issued degree, the courses included with official grades and date of completion. The Degree Certificate is bilingual in Swedish and English.

The Degree Certificate is complemented by a Diploma Supplement. The Diploma Supplement is a description in English that explains your education and how it relates to the Swedish Higher Education System.

How do I apply?

You can apply for a degree through Ladok for Students ( If you no longer have a valid student account you login through Ladok for alumni (the link is at the bottom of the login page) or contact

What happens when I have applied?

The Degree Evaluations Office will evaluate whether your application fulfills the requirements for a degree certificate according to Local System of Qualifications at the University of Skövde (pdf). You will be contacted if additional information is needed. If your application does not fulfill the requirements it will be rejected and you will receive a refusal decision. A refusal decision can be appealed.

When do I get my degree certificate

When your Degree Certificate is issued, you will receive an e-mail from Ladok to the e-mail address you entered in "Ladok for students", so be sure to check that the e-mail address is correct when applying for the Degree Certificate. The e-mail contains information on how to get your digital Degree Certificate yourself in the "Ladok for students" portal.

To be able to download and share your degree certificate, log in with your user account at the University of Skövde. If you no longer have a valid student account contact

Share information about your degree certificate (verification)

Anyone who has a degree issued at a Swedish university can share information about their degree with any recipient (e.g. an employer). Sharing is done by retrieving a control code and communicating it to a recipient, who can use the code to access information about the degree and its content.

Read more about sharing at

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Published: 2/17/2020

Degree Evaluations Office

University of Skövde
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Phone +46 (0)500-44 80 00