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Studying with disabilities

Do you have dyslexia, ADHD or any other form of disability? If so, this should not prevent you from studying at the University of Skövde. We provide various kinds of study support and adaptations in order to make your studies easier. Would you perhaps like to visit the University before the term begins? Get help to go through your timetable? Visit the room in which you will spend your first day? We know that these are examples of measures that can be of great value.

Calculus formula and a triangle.

At the University of Skövde, therefore, you are invited to make an appointment for a personal meeting and tour. Virpi Westin and Ellinor Almlöv works as a coordinator for study support, and can act as a guide to show you (and also your parents) around the University. Together, you can discuss all aspects of your future studies, including (for example) your timetable and the curriculum for your course, and explore the campus in peace and quiet.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident to come and study with us.

Support according to need

All students with disabilities are entitled to receive the support that they need. This means that the support you receive is not determined by your diagnosis but is always adapted to satisfy your personal needs.

The support provided shall compensate for the difficulties that your disability may represent for your studies. You could, for example, receive help with taking notes, have access to audio books, or be given additional time for exams.

How to apply for targeted study support

Applications for targeted study support shall be made via the NAIS system (external link). You must also upload documentation that verifies that you have a long-term disability. If you should have any questions concerning the application process, please contact the University’s coordinator

If you would like help to go through the process beforehand, you are welcome to arrange a meeting before you submit your application. To do so, please send an email to It is important that you submit your application as soon as possible once you have accepted your place at the University of Skövde. If you should require more comprehensive adaptations, we request that you submit your application for support at the same time as you apply for your studies.

You will receive a decision

After a few weeks, you will receive confirmation that your application for support has either been granted or not granted. If you are granted targeted study support, the confirmation will state which support measures and/or recommendations are applicable. All forms of support are individually adapted and apply for a specified period of time. A rejected application for support will include a written explanation of the reasons for the rejection, and this decision cannot be appealed against.

If you wish to appeal against the decision:

Decisions that are in contravention of the prohibition against discrimination in Chapter 1, Section 4(3) of the Swedish Discrimination Act (2008:567) may be appealed against. If you wish to appeal to the Higher Education Appeals Board (Överklagandenämnden), this must be submitted in writing to the University by no later than three weeks after you were informed of the decision. The letter must state which decision is being appealed against, and which change you wish to be made to the decision. It is also important that you provide an explanation of why you feel this change should be made.

You must sign the appeal letter, and include your address, telephone number and email address. 

The appeal will be decided upon by the Higher Education Appeals Board, but it must be submitted to the University of Skövde:

University of Skövde
541 28 Skövde

Do not send sensitive information by email

Take care to not send any sensitive information or documentation to us by email. Communication with the University by email constitutes a public document.

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Published: 12/10/2019


Coordinator for Students with Disabilities

Virpi Westin
Phone hours: Monday and Wednesday, 10:00-11:00
Telephone: +46 (0) 500–448096

Porträttbild på Ellinor Almlöv, studentkurator

Ellinor Almlöv
Phone hours: Thursday, 10:00-11:00
Telephone: +46 (0) 500–448188