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Traineeship in Europe via Erasmus+

As a student at the University of Skövde, you may be eligible for an Erasmus trainee scholarship to perform a traineeship in Europe. You can complete your traineeship in companies, organizations and research centers. This opportunity is open for students at the University of Skövde at bachelor’s and master’s levels as well as for doctoral candidates. These opportunities are also open to recent graduates.

Applications for trainee scholarships are processed on an ongoing basis. To apply for this scholarship, contact

Who can apply for an Erasmus scholarship?

To be eligible to apply for a scholarship under the Erasmus programme, you must be registered as a full-time student and intend to obtain a degree at the University of Skövde. You can also apply for a scholarship for a traineeship period after completing studies, but the application must be submitted during the last semester, while you are still registered as a full-time student at the University of Skövde.

You can only be an Erasmus intern for 360 days as a maximum, during your specific education level. 

To apply you have to find an internship on your own, in one of the countries participating in the Erasmus+ programme. You also have to conduct internship full time according to the agreed placement plan, Learning Agreement for Traineeship.

The traineeship should your field of study and must be approved by your director of studies and/or programme coordinator if you go within your programme.

You cannot go on Erasmus Traineeship if you already are enrolled as an exchange student at the University of Skövde.

Three ways to complete a traineeship through Erasmus:

  • As part of a degree project at the University of Skövde
  • As a voluntary traineeship outside of your course of study at the University of Skövde, for example during the summer
  • Immediately after completion of academic studies at the University of Skövde. The traineeship must be completed within 12 months after the degree is issued. You have to have applied for and received your degree when you go abroad.

The traineeship must be the equivalent of full-time employment for a continuous period of from two entire months up to twelve months.

The scholarship

The grant is not a full scholarship, but rather a contribution to be used for expenses and other costs related to the traineeship period. The scholarship amount is calculated based on the duration of the traineeship period (number of months and days) and the country in which the traineeship takes place.

Monthly amounts are determined annually by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) and are the same for all higher education institutions in Sweden and the scholarship amounts can be found at UHRs web page.

Two instalments

The scholarship is paid in two instalments. The first part, 70% of the scholarship, is paid when the traineeship starts. The remainder is paid after the traineeship period has ended. If the traineeship is cancelled earlier than the agreed-upon period, you will be required to refund all or part of the scholarship. You are not allowed to receive other scholarships or grants from the EU or UHR during the same period in which you receive the Erasmus scholarship. Additional scholarship funds for outgoing students with disabilities.

If you are a student who needs educational support or special adaptations during your time abroad, there is an opportunity to seek funds for the additional costs that may arise. “Additional costs” refers to the increased costs that the institution of higher learning or the individual student incur and that are not financed in other ways, such as: transport, educational material, housing assistant/companion, medical follow-up, physiotherapy and/or medical examination in the host country.

Application information

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