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How to get your entry pass

All students at the University of Skövde are issued with an entry pass. The pass is personal, and it allows you to gain out-of-hours access to labs and computer rooms and University buildings. You can also use this pass to log in to the University’s printers and photocopiers.

To get your entry pass, go to My Profile. Click on the link below Entry pass. You can then collect your entry pass from the issuing desk (Passerkortsutlämningen) on the 1st floor of Building G.

  • The entry pass is personal to you, and you may not lend either the card or your personal code to anybody else. All usage of the entry pass throughout the University’s premises is logged.
  • When you use your card to gain entry, you have a responsibility to ensure that no unauthorised party is also able to enter.
  • If you should lose your pass, this must be immediately reported to staff at the Passerkortsutlämningen desk, who will block the card for future use.
  • Your card will also be blocked if you fail to comply with the rules.
  • Your entry pass is personally adapted for you.
Published: 12/10/2019

Entry pass

Entry passes are issued by Passerkortsutlämningen, which you will find on the 1st floor of Building G.
Find Building G on the campus map.

Opening hours

Monday–Friday, 09:00-09:30 and 12:30-13:30


Telephone: 0500–448101