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Planning for autumn semester on Campus

The University of Skövde plans to teach on Campus again this autumn semester. It is currently the University’s main alternative and it includes both national and international students. But scenario planning for continued distance education is also being done.

A prerequisite for campus-based education to be possible is, of course, a change in the recommendations of the Swedish Government and the Public Health Agency concerning distance education. The University of Skövde, of course, follows the advice of the authorities. However, the University must already plan and prepare for campus education, in order to be ready to welcome students this autumn. By July 1st, the University of Skövde will decide whether a return to campus is possible or not.

The University of Skövde’s second alternative is also to plan for a continuation with campus-based education at a distance. In that scenario, however, some education and examination elements will have to be on campus. The university’s management wants to prioritise the main alternative and there are three main reasons for this: It is about the quality of the education, the students’ social situation and their identity as students at the University of Skövde.  

- We know that many students have had a tough time in the spring forced to study campus-based education remotely. It can also be stressful not to know for how long the distance education should last. We therefore want to be clear about what is our ambition and focus, says Vice-Chancellor Lars Niklasson.

Different universities have different main alternatives for the autumn. Why does not the same apply?
No one knows what the situation will be like this autumn, but all universities will have to work on the same recommendations. The universities make different assessments of what they want prioritise when planning for different scenarios.

The University of Skövde also plans for an adjusted introduction event with some Campus presence, which still follows the recommendations. More information to follow.

Published: 5/25/2020