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Returning marked examinations

Under the current circumstances due to Covid-19, the reception for physical student offices will be closed. It is not possible to collect your marked exam paper at the front desk, but you may have it posted to you at home.

Under normal circumstances, you can collect your marked exam paper from the Student Affairs Office on the 2nd floor of Building E. It will be available no earlier than two to three working days after the exam results have been published on the Student Portal. Due to covid-19, the front desk will be closed until further notice, but you can have your marked exam paper sent to you (see below).

Public document

Until you have collected your exam paper, it remains a public document and other people are able to request a copy of it. If you do not want others to have access to your personal details and exam answers, you should collect your exam paper as soon as it is available from the Student Affairs Office. Remember that you can collect your exam paper no earlier than two to three working days after the exam results have been published on the Student Portal.

Obtain your exam paper

You can obtain your exam paper in one of the following ways:

1. Collect it yourself

Collect it yourself from the Student Affairs Office in Building E. Bring your photo ID.

2. Ask someone else to collect it for you

Someone else can collect your exam paper for you on presentation of a fully completed letter of authorisation. This should contain details of the examination in question, your own personal details and information about the person collecting the exam paper on your behalf.
The person must be at least 18 years old and will be required to present their photo ID, along with a printed copy of your own photo ID.

3. Have it posted to you at home

If, because you are a distance student or for some other reason, you would like your exam paper posted to you, you can fill in the request form below.

Copy or original

If you have reason to believe that you need to resit your examination or have it reassessed, you should not sign out your original exam paper. Ask for a copy of it instead. Find out more about Resits and reassessment.

Exam papers are kept for two years from the date that they are written. The original is then destroyed and discarded. Usually exam papers written in the last two examination periods are available to collect from the Student Affairs Office. Exam papers older than five or six months must be ordered from the Student Affairs Office.

Request to obtain marked exam

Copy or original:

The University of Skövde will only use the information you submit via the form for this specific purpose. For more information on how we process your personal data, please see

Returning examinations

When filling in and filing this form you approve that University of Skövde send your marked examination according to given information. The request will be handled and sent to given address within 5 working days.

You must submit the form for every exam you request. Please use comments to notify us if you plan to request more than one exam.

Note! Signing out your original exam paper may prevent you from have it reassessed. If you have questions regarding your result, you should request a copy of and not the original exam. First copy is free of charge.

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Published: 10/14/2020

Student Affairs Office

We are located in house E, floor 2 - physical reception closed.

If you need a Transcript of Records or Certificate of Registration, order through

Physical reception closed. We can be reached via Zoom-drop in, telephone and email.

Reception online Zoom-drop in at 10-12: 30 Monday – Friday.

Phone hours:
Monday – Thursday at 10:00–11:00


6/5: Zoom drop-in closed
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Contact information

Phone: +46(0)500–44 81 00
Zoom drop in:

We try to respond to your email as quickly as we can but it can take up to two business days. Please enter your name and social security number at the first contact for faster processing.