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Increased risk of cyberattacks - be watchful and source critical

The University wants to encourage all students to be alert against cyberattacks. The changing security situation in Europe increases the risk of cyberattacks against Swedish authorities, such as universities.

Common forms of cyberattacks are congestion attacks that are staged from the outside. There are also extortion attacks based on fraudsters entering the organisation's system through, for example, emails.

The University therefore urges all students to be aware of phishing. This is often done with the help of scam emails. The fraudsters can get into the organisation if you click on the links in the phishing email. If you have received an email that seems strange, delete it!

Be source critical and evaluate the information

When the need for information is extensive and the flow of news is updated 24/7, attempts to spread fake news and rumours increase. Be aware of incorrect information and do not spread it further. Be source critical and before you spread anything further on social media – please, think about who is behind the information, who benefits from it being spread further and what it is intended for. complies emergency information from the authorities in Swedish and English.

Published: 3/8/2022