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Church on Campus

The University Chaplaincy serves every student regardless of faith.

Campus on a summer day.

Greetings from the University Chaplaincy

Anna Torbrand George and Tina Redin are part of the University Chaplaincy at University of Skövde. We serve in Church of Sweden, a lutheran church, but you are welcome regardless of faith to share with us issues and questions that might arise during your time here.

You can e-mail or call us, as well as contact us on Facebook and Instagram where we are called "Kompis på campus".

If you wish to meet us we still have cofidental conversations, preferably online. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Take care!

Tina and Anna

During Autumn 2021 Stefan Ytterbrink will work with the University Chaplaincy since Anna Torbrand George is on parental leave.


Anna Torbrand George
Priest, Church of Sweden, Skövde
0500-47 65 93

Tina Redin
Deacon, Church of Sweden, Skövde
0500-47 65 37

Stefan Ytterbrink
Priest, Church of Sweden, Skövde
0500-47 65 93

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Published: 12/19/2019