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Enquiries at Reception or the telephone switchboard

The University’s Reception and switchboard can almost be seen as the spider in its web. Annica and Åsa work here, and they know almost all there is to know about how things work at the University.

Students at the reception in the G-house.

For many people, our Reception and switchboard represent the very first point of contact with the University. You are welcome to call us on the telephone or visit us at Reception in Building G, and we are always happy to help. So say Annica and Åsa, who work here. They are used to being asked all kinds of questions, from enquires about parking passes and printers, to timetables and booking rooms.

- We don’t always have the answer to every question, but we can usually direct you to somebody who does, say the pair.

Published: 12/10/2019

Reception and the switchboard

Reception and the switchboard are located in Building G, by the main entrance.

Find your way around the campus (pdf).

Opening hours May-August

Monday–Friday (excluding public holidays) 08:00–16:00
Closed at lunchtime 12:15–12:45

Opening hours September-April

Monday–Friday (excluding public holidays) 08:00–16:30
Closed at lunchtime 12:15–12:45

Deviating opening hours

  • 9 May: Closed
  • 10 May: 08:00–12:00


Telephone: 0500–44 80 00

Switchboard Operator
Reception Desk