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The display of grade distribution is discontinued

Now only results and test dates are shown in the Studentportal, grade distribution can instead be found in Ladok for students. This is an optional option that can be made when retrieving a result certificate.

Grade distribution reported in Ladok for students shows in percentage over time the proportion of students who received or passed the grade. The number of students is shown in brackets. The grade distribution that was previously in the University's Studentportal only showed results from a certain course session and therefore did not match Ladok's information shown in a result certificate, which became confusing. We have therefore chosen to only use Ladok's statistics in the results certificate.

If you do not find a grade distribution for a certain course in the result certificate, it is because there must be results according to one and the same grade scale for the same course during at least two years. This is to show how the grade distribution has looked over time and not to single out any individual.

Published: 2/20/2024