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Extended Access to the library

We are now going to increase accessibility to the library by introducing Extended Access in the evenings too.

Extended Access means that students and staff of the University of Skövde will be able to access the University Library even after normal opening hours.

From 23 August, using your access card you will be able to enter the premises during Extended Access hours. During term time, this is: Monday to Friday 8am to 10am and Monday to Thursday 6pm to 9pm


You can use study rooms, reading places, course literature, borrow and return books etc., but the library is unmanned during Extended Access hours. Collecting reserved books and interlibrary loans can only be done when the library is manned.

Please note that to increase safety and to ensure that only authorized people are in the premises, security guards are in operation when the library is closed in the evenings. This means that you need to have you access card with you if you intend to stay during the Extended Access hours in the evening!

University Access Card

To use Extended Access, you must have an access card issued by the University of Skövde. More information about how to get an access card.

Swipe your access card and insert your pin code every time you enter the library during Extended Access. Do not let anyone else in, irrespective of whether the person has an access card or not.

Published: 8/24/2021