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About registration and examination rooms

You always have to register for an examination. To be able to register you have to be registered to the course and the registration period open.

Mandatory registration

At the University of Skövde, it is mandatory that you register for examinations. That's why it is important that you remember to register before the week of the exam. Remember, you have to be registered to the course to register for the exam. The window for registering to an examination opens 4 weeks before the examination takes place.

Accepted forms of identification

You must bring a valid photo ID to the examination. Please note that a residence permit card not is accepted as a valid ID at the examination.

Valid photo ID:

  • Passport (Provisional passport is not valid)
  • Swedish driver's license
  • Swedish SIS-marked ID card
  • Members of any EU/EES land may use National ID card

Registering for an examination

Registering for an examination should be done at least ten (10) days before the examination date. If registering is not possible, please contact immediately.  


If you show up to an examination without being registered you will be denied the opportunity to do the examination.

Examination rooms at the university

Examination rooms are located in the A building floor 3. The most usual rooms are A303, A304, A305 and A306. When necessary, other rooms or even buildings can be used. There will be a list with the examinations available at the entrance of A building and on the third floor the day of the examination. This list shows the examinations and what rooms they are held in. 

For some courses, the examination can be split into multiple rooms. In that case, the list will provide names of the students who should be in what room. As previously stated, these lists will only be available during the day of the examination. For the rest of the examinations, the list provides course, level and possible credit, followed by the room and time in which the exam takes place. The publication of these lists can not happen earlier because of possible changes.

Morning and afternoon occasions

Examinations are divided into two occasions per day, Monday through Saturday. The first occasion starts 8:15 AM and the other occasion starts 2:15 PM. Information about the room for the afternoon occasion are put up some time during the morning.

Please note that any student taking an exam has to be in the examination room on time. We always have an extra admission for the exam at 09:00 or 15:00. On Saturdays, late admission is 10:00. Re-exams mainly occur during weekends during the semester. Be aware that there can be exceptions for this.

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Published: 3/12/2020