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Join INGENIUM’s e-sports competition

Do not miss the opportunity to join INGENIUM’s e-sports competition on May 28 and 30. INGENIUM will bring students interested in e-sports together – online.

The INGENIUM e-sports competition is related to the sport event organised by the University of Rouen, Normandy for the INGENIUM Senior Summer School. But now it is not only students on site in France that can show their skills in various sports. The 10 Days of INGENIUM e-sports competition will take place on May 28 and May 30, between 10.00-12.00 (CET), online. It is an opportunity to develop new relationships and network with students from our ten universities across Europe.

You can choose all the platforms and games you are familiar with or interested in. Deadline for pre-registration is May 10.

Pre-registration (Link to the University of Rouen, Normandy) or use the QR-code above.

Published: 4/24/2024