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Spare seats for exchange studies

Do you want to study abroad but missed the deadline? The spare seat application for spring 2025 will open June 25 08:00 with the principle "first come first served".

Applications will not be accepted if they are sent in before the application round opens.

When should you apply?

The nominations to the waiting list number is ongoing with the principle "first come first served", as long as it is possible in relation to the partner university’s deadline for applications. You can contact if you have any questions.

Who will be nominated?

The first person to send in their application and who is also qualified, will be nominated if there are any seats left according to the ranking that has been made. 

Where can you go?

What alternatives do you have? All partner universities (Go Global) not listed below.

Not available for Spring 2025

Universities can be added to this list continuously.

Spare seat application for exchange studies

The University of Skövde will only use the information you submit via the form for this specific purpose. For more information on how we process your personal data, please see

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Published: 4/24/2020


Frida Lindgren