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Study from home – a guide for students

This guide aims to improve the experience and security in your distance/home studies.

For improved information security during home studies, you should:

  • Follow the same IT security rules as when studying on Campus.
  • Avoid sending sensitive information through e-mail.
  • Always lock the screen of an unattended computer using a password.
  • Store and manage sensitive information in a secure way, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Never store sensitive information in cloud solutions like for example Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Be wary of suspicious e-mails since they might attempt to acquire private information and credentials from the University. Never visit links you do not recognize.
  • Do not download apps through e-mail, text message or different web sites, especially when the author is unknown.
  • Report any suspected incidents to You may also contact us if you are uncertain whether or not to trust a link or an e-mail.

Digital meetings

There are currently quite a few services available for meetings and learning from a distance. When using these services, be wary of e-mails containing invitation links to unknown video conferences or calls, or attachments. Be aware of which domain any invitation links refer to. The domain name is the identifying part of what you enter into the browser to visit a web site. For example is part of the University’s domain, but would be something completely different.

Here is a dedicated instruction on how to secure your Zoom meetings.

To maintain a stable Internet connection while working, disconnect other devices and services that are currently not needed, e.g. streaming services.

Additional tips

Now is a good a time as any to improve your home cyber security. Europol has published the guide "Make your home a cyber safe stronghold" for tips on IT and online security, source criticism and cyber security for children.

Published: 9/12/2022