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Serenity Room

Are you looking for somewhere to meditate, pray, or just take a break in a calm and peaceful environment? The Serenity Room is open to all students and employees, regardless of religion or world view.

Lighted white lamp hanging on a row in an indoor environment with blue background.

You will find the room on the first floor of the A building, next to the Student Union and the University Church.

Rules for the Serenity room

  • This is a room for stillness and silence. The room is not for conversation, study, eating, work out or sleeping.
  • All gender identities always have the same access to the room.
  • The room cannot be reserved for gatherings, it is open to all staff and students at all times when the university is open.
  • The Serenity room is without its own expression of any specific religious belief but you are welcome to bring what you need during your visit in the room.
  • Please restore the room as you found it upon leaving, since we are many people sharing the same room.
Updated: 11/15/2021 1:52:18 PM
Published: 12/19/2019