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Time for the examination week – THANK YOU for holding on and keeping your distance!

The ongoing pandemic is affecting us all and 2020 is a completely different year. So far, the University of Skövde has managed without an outbreak of covid-19. So THANK YOU for holding on and keeping your distance to others!

Now it is important that we all continue to help to reduce the spread of infection, so keep the preventive measures in mind:

  • Stay home when you feel unwell and go home if you start feeling unwell during the day. This applies even if you only feel slightly unwell
  • Keep at least one arm's length away from others - both indoors and outdoors
  • Wash your hands often. Use hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow

About the examination week

Swedish universities have quite a large opportunity to decide whether teaching should take place on campus or digitally. The same does not apply when it comes to examinations, as universities cannot change the form of examination decided by the Swedish University Chancellor's Office, UKÄ. Therefore, during the autumn semester, most exams will be given on site at the University of Skövde.

In order to make the examination week as Corona-safe as possible, the University has taken a number of preventive measures:

  • We will use more examination halls than usual to reduce the number of people in each hall
  • We have increased the distance between each seat in the rooms
  • Students taking the exam will be admitted to the hall earlier to reduce the risk of queues
  • To see which hall your exam will be in, there is a notice at the entrance to the A-Building. Be on time to check where you should be. For exams with many students, placement lists will also be available in the course room in Canvas a few days before the exam.

If you feel slightly unwell on the day of the examination - do not come to the University. You should instead wait until the next examination opportunity.

The exam halls will open 45 minutes before the scheduled time for the exam, so please remember to be on time to avoid queues.

Good luck!

For more information, please contact

Elizabeth Persson, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs and Student Support or 0500-448905

Published: 10/21/2020