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Large military defence exercise in the Skövde area

A large defence exercise, with both Swedish and foreign military armed forces will be conducted during April and May. Between April 24 to May 2, a lot of exercises will take place in and around Skövde. But as early as the week after Easter, you will probably notice an increased military presence in the area.

From April 10, many military units will come to Skövde and the number of military transports on the roads will increase significantly. In the area and above all at Swedish Armed Forces own exercise areas and firing ranges in Skövde, the Army will practice with both heavy combat vehicles and with large troop movements. Also, in Karlsborg and Tibro, units that are part of the training are placed and there will therefore be a lot of military traffic between Skövde and Karlsborg.

Aurora 23 is the name of the defence exercise and a total of 26,000 men and women from 14 different nations will participate. Military from Sweden, the United States, England, Finland, Norway, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Poland and France are participating in the exercise.

On May 2, the participants in Aurora 23 leave Skövde for further transport to new training areas.

Published: 4/11/2023