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Complete started education

If you have dropped-out, or taken a break of your studies and want to resume your studies again, or if you have started a programme at another university and want to complete your studies at the University of Skövde, you must apply for it.

To apply for completion of a started education, fill in the form Application for the later part of a study programme (pdf, only in Swedish). Submit transcripts and course plans from the education you have started.

In order for the application to be considered, you must meet the requirements for the programme applied for and there must be a seat available in the programme. Application must be submitted no later than 1 June before the autumn term and 15 November before the spring term.

You may appeal that you are not considered qualified for the general requirements or the specific requirements for the programme. You cannot appeal the placement in the program or if seats are not available. More information on how to appeal a decision on eligibility can be found in the application form.

Please note that it is not possible to be admitted to a later part of a Programme on the Nursing programme.

Published: 6/13/2022


Phone hours Admission

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Phone: 0500–448200