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Hope to open the computer rooms at the beginning of next week

The University hopes that the computer rooms will be available for both students and teaching again, in the beginning of next week. And also, that the VDI environment will work. The University once again urges students and employees to watch out for phishing emails.

  • The IT Service Office work hard to get the computer rooms to function as usual and hope it will be done by the beginning of next week. This provided that the work with the protection measures continues as planned. For the University, it is the highest priority to be able to open the computer rooms again as soon as possible. We do hope to be able to do so at the beginning of week 18.

  • Late on Friday afternoon, the University decided that it was necessary to carry out a password reset for employees and students. The reset was then done at lunch on Monday. There are some students who have not changed their password. You can get help to make the change via Zoom. On April 27 and April 28 it is possible to change passwords via Zoom for those who cannot come to the IT Helpdesk on campus. Zoom is open 8.30-12.00 and 15.00-16.30 both days.

    You need to have your ID card ready and good resolution on your webcam (mobile phone works best). All students are admitted to a common meeting room and then the Helpdesk picks up one student at a time in a private breakout room where ID check and password change takes place.
  • After the extensive change of password to the University's IT system, we want to encourage both employees and students to be aware of phishing emails. If you receive such emails, delete them and do not click on any links in the email. 

Just before Easter, the University became aware of an attempt to spread harmful code in the University's IT system. The IT Service Office put a number of strong measures to protect the systems. The protective measures affect and have affected various parts of the University's functions. For example, it was necessary to close all computer rooms for both students and scheduled classes.

Published: 4/27/2022