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Deferment of studies

Students who have been admitted to a programme but are prevented from starting their studies as planned can apply for deferment of studies. If deferment is granted the student will keep the seat on the programme, but postpone the starting date.

Deferment of studies will only be granted under certain circumstances; for example illness, child care or some forms of military service. The student must be able to verify these circumstances with official documentation (such as a medical or maternity certificate). The documentation should be submitted along with the application form.

The Application for deferment of studies can be submitted once the final admission result has been published. Fee-paying students must have paid the tuition fee before applying for deferment of studies.

When you can start your studies

If we have granted you deferment of studies, you need to take the following steps to keep your seat on the programme:

  • Once again apply to the programme via / and make sure that the application is submitted before the application deadline for the coming semester
  • A copy of our deferment decision must also be added to your application before the application deadline

If you do not follow these instructions you will lose your seat on the programme.

Decisions regarding deferment of studies can be appealed to the Higher Appeals Board. Information on how to appeal a decision can be found in the Application Form.

Published: 7/15/2022

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