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Transfer of Credits for exchange studies

Once you have been nominated for studies abroad, you must start planning the courses you want to study. Below you will find instructions on how to do it.


Before submitting the formal application for transfer of credits, you as a student must take responsibility for finding a suitable course at the foreign university. This planning must take place in dialogue with the study and career counsellor and the teacher responsible for the program.

  • Fill in the form Transfer of Credits for exchange studies – planning (pdf) digitally.
  • Save the document (name, exchange study planning)
  • Send to
  • Attach information about the course such as syllabus, course PM or equivalent and bibliography. These must be in English. The form contains eight courses. If you plan to read more courses, you must use more forms.
  • Upon request, you must be able to submit supplementary documents that are necessary for the University of Skövde to be able to handle the matter

After completed studies

Present your official transcript of records in original from the foreign university for study and career counsellors. The transfer of credits must be in English and the original language if it is other than English. The transcript of records must be signed by authorized executive at the university and have the university's official stamp or a digital signature.

Remember that it is only the number of points that is credited and registered in Ladok. You can use your Transcript of Records from the exchange university as a supplementary document for your degree certificate on completion of your studies.

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Published: 3/28/2022