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Protective measures also affect teaching next week

During 25–29 April, the University's protection measures will continue to affect teaching. The University continues to implement a number of protection measures to protect IT systems against cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, the measures affect parts of the University.

  • From April 25-29, the University's computer rooms will continue to be closed. The computer rooms are closed to students as well as scheduled teaching.
  • The print server is still turned off, so printing is not possible. While there are problems with printers, you can get help with printing urgent printouts at the Library, the University shop or at the Student Service.
  • The University Shop and the Student Service can also help with copying.
  • Students and staff who use the VMware Horizon Client to connect to the University's servers are currently unable to do so. This is due to the protective measures that the University takes.
  • The protective measures also affect the system where previous exams and completed courses are shown. This means that they cannot be displayed at the moment. In addition, the measures also affect the loading time for course pages in the Student Portal.
  • The protection measures place a large burden on the University's IT Service Office. Due to this, Helpdesk currently only accepts support matters via email

Stay updated on the Student Portal. The University provides information about the situation.

Published: 4/22/2022