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Approved leave from studies

You have the option to apply for approved leave if you are unable to continue your programme studies.

A leave of absence can be granted, due to circumstances outside your control and for a limited period of time, and you meet any of the specific conditions stated in the Universitets- och högskolerådets författningssamling, UHRFS 2016:1 and Universitets- och högskolerådets författningssamling, UHRFS 2013:3 for example:

  • Illness or injury – submit medical certificate
  • Child birth and child care – Submit certificate from midwife with the estimated date of delivery. Submit certificate proving granted parental leave for the greater part of the semester. Is the child younger than one year submit certificate from Skatteverket certifying the age of the child and that you are the parent/legal guardian.
  • Military or civil service – Submit your draft card

Note that the appropriate authenticated documentation to prove your case must be submitted with the application!

Application for approved leave

Apply by filling in and submitting the form Application for approved leave from studies (pdf) along with verified documents supporting your case.

An approved leave from studies is granted for a maximum period of two semesters and includes a guarantee to return to the programme after the leave. The student and the school are notified in writing of an approved leave.

Important information

You are not entitled to maintenance grants from CSN during approved leave. Please contact CSN for more information. Note that student visas are not valid during approved leave.

We recommend that you contact our Student and Career Counsellors to discuss your options and plan your studies

  • before you apply for approved leave from studies, and
  • if your application is declined

Resuming studies after approved leave

Before resuming your studies after a period of approved leave you must contact the programme responsible, no later than October 15 before the spring semester and no later than April 15 before the autumn semester. You must register for programme courses as you normally would.

The Education Plan valid for the actual semester of study will be followed when you resume your studies. We reserve the right to make changes to or discontinue the program.

In case you do not wish to resume your studies, you need to notify the University of Skövde that you decline further studies in the programme. The notification must be delivered at the latest within a week from the end date of the approved leave.

Renewed application

If you have been granted approved leave from studies but are unable to resume your studies after the approved leave a new application must be submitted at the latest within a week from the end of the approved leave.


If your application is rejected, you can lodge an appeal against the decision to the Higher Education Appeals Board. You will find information about appeals procedure in the Approved leave application form.

Published: 12/28/2023