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Information about the Corona virus

The University of Skövde is closely following the development and the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Health in this matter. At the moment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel to the Hubei Province in China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Agency of Sweden are responsible for monitoring the development. They regularly update their information and recommendations.

The university of Skövde has decided to have a general precaution when it comes to travel to China. As an employee, you should consult your immediate manager if you are planning trips to China. As a student, you should contact your teacher if you plan to travel to China within your studies. 

If you have been in the Hubei Province in China within the past month and have flu-like symptoms with respiratory problems, contact the Health Information on telephone 1177.

If you are affected by this you are kindly asked to follow the information at:

Published: 1/29/2020