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No new Covid-19 cases among students

During this week, there are no new known confirmed cases of Covid-19 at the previously affected student residence. Many affected students have followed the call from the County Medical Office Västra Götaland and taken the test. The County Medical Officer now urges everyone to follow the recommendations and not have any parties.

During the second week of March, the University found out that a number of students at the student housing had tested positive for Covid-19. A number of precautions have been taken after that to reduce the risk of the spread of infection. 

The County Medical Office and the health center Vårdcentralen Centrum decided to offer quick testing to students who have been in close contact with any of the students who have tested positive. This to prevent further spread of the infection.

– Many of the students from the affected housing have taken the test and followed the recommendations. We are very grateful and in this way they have contributed to reducing the risk of the spread of infection, says Elizabeth Persson, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs and Student Support.

Due to the earlier confirmed cases of Covid-19, the University and the County Medical Officer have also had two information meetings.

Regional recommendations for Västra Götaland

– Easter is coming up and it is important that everyone continues to follow the recommendations, so that we can slow down the spread of infection, together. We all have a personal responsibility. Remember to keep your distance, preferably meet friends outdoors, avoid new contacts and do not have any parties, says Eva Lindgren, County Medical Officer.

Covid-19 is currently widespread in our community. Västra Götaland’s County Medical Office has issued special recommendations that apply throughout Västra Götaland until April 18. These recommendations represent a stricter version of the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s general guidelines.

  • Limit your new close contacts by socialising only with people whom you would normally meet.
  • Avoid public transport, shopping centres and shops if there’s a risk of crowding
  • It is best to avoid all non-essential travelling. If you must travel remember to wear a disposable face mask.
  • Wear a disposable face mask whenever you cannot avoid close contact with others indoor

If you have respiratory symptoms, even mild ones, stay home. At, you can make an appointment for a Covid-19 test at a health center in Skövde. The test is free of charge.

We wish you a Happy Easter and take care!

Published: 3/26/2021