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Log in to Zoom through the mobile app

This guide shows the steps for logging in to Zoom through the mobile app using your student account.

Download and install Zoom on your smart phone through Appstore (iPhone) or Play (Android).

If the Examinations Office mailed you a Zoom link you just need to click the link to begin the installation.

Follow the login guide.

Sign in to Join dialogue box

Click Sign in to Join, then choose SSO as login routine.

Choosing SSO initiates the proper authorization process between Zoom and the University of Skövde:

Login options with SSO highlighted

Enter his-se as domain name in the following dialogue:

Domain name dialogue box

Click Continue or press Enter.

Log in with your student account credentials. The login page should contain the University logo:

Login screen, University of Skövde logo

The login is now complete. If you connected to a Zoom meeting you should end up in a waiting room:

Zoom waiting room screen

You will be admitted by an invigilator after ID verification.

When the examination has started the invigilator will close the room for additional participants. It is not possible to connect to a closed Zoom meeting:

Zoom meeting locked, dialogue box

Published: 8/29/2022