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New library management system and automatic renewals

The library now has introduced a new system for managing printed books. To be able to borrow, check your loans and make reservations you will have to choose a new PIN code.

Choose a new PIN code for your library account when resetting your password at

Koha only allows the use of one library card, therefore some users who have registered several library cards may experience problems at the next borrowing occasion. Should this occur to you, please contact the information desk so that we can connect whichever card you wish – university library card, access card or a regional public library card – to your library account.

The self-checkouts are updated and it will be possible to borrow without a card, just by entering your Swedish ID number and PIN code. Please note that you cannot use temporary Swedish ID numbers at the self-service machines.

We take the opportunity to introduce automatic renewals. As long as no one has placed a reservation your loans will be automatically renewed when the loan period expires. Students have a primary loan period of 28 days followed by 4 automatic renewals of 14 days at a time, rendering a total maximum loan period of around 3 months.

Some development has still to be done in LibSearch regarding how books are presented and there will be a short delay until the possibility of reserving books reoccurs. We’re also expecting a delay until the self-checkout and return machines operate with full capacity.

Please contact if you have any questions!

Published: 11/2/2021