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Conditionally admitted

An applicant that does not meet the prerequisites at the time of application may be conditionally admitted.

To be conditionally admitted means that a student is considered to have the potential to be eligible and fulfil the prerequisites when the course or program starts.
Provided the final grade for the course has been officially reported and the student meets the prerequisites, the condition is removed in the Student portal.

When the condition is removed, conditionally admitted applicants are able to register until the start of the course/program, regardless of the official registration dates. If the condition is not removed when the grades has been reported, please contact

Master’s program – conditionally admitted

An applicant that has been conditionally admitted to a master's program needs to notify when the degree has been issued. Applicants have until the start of the program to prove that the prerequisites are met.

When applying for a Bachelor’s degree, please notify the degree officers that you have applied for further education and need your degree no later than the start of the semester.

Updated: 2/12/2024 11:40:40 AM
Published: 7/15/2022