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Continued distance education during spring and summer

There will be distance education for the remainder of this semester for the University’s students. Summer courses will also be given as distance education. This was announced by the Vice-Chancellor, Lars Niklasson on April 29.

On recommendation of the Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the University of Skövde switched to distance education on March 18. On April 29, Lars Niklasson, the Vice-Chancellor announced that the University will continue to have distance education throughout the rest of the spring semester, until June 7.

– The decision to continue the rest of the spring semester with distance education applies even if the Public Health Agency of Sweden should change its recommendations during this period of time. It is too short time left of the spring semester to allow us to return to Campus teaching in a well-arranged way, says Lars Niklasson, Vice-Chancellor.

It will also continue to be the case that educational elements and exams that are not possible to take remotely will take place on Campus.

Educational elements and exams that are not possible to take remotely will take place on Campus, just as before.

– In these cases, we will also take special measures in the future to comply with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and reduce the risk of spreading the virus, says Lars Niklasson.

The University has the same plan for the summer courses as for the spring semester. The summer courses are also planned to be given as distance education, with exceptions that are necessary.

– My ambition, wish and great hope for the autumn is that the start of the autumn semester can be done here on Campus on the last day of August. But we do have little decision support today to be able to make a final decision. However I will, no later than Midsummer, let you know what will apply to the start-up of the autumn semester, concludes Lars Niklasson.

Published: 4/29/2020