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If there is any form that you are looking for that is not in the list below, contact Student Service. The forms are in PDF format unless otherwise stated. To read PDF you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Send in by email

Forms are to be sent in by email to if no other email adress is stated on the form. Signatures are not required on the form, they are to be filled out and sent in electronically by email.

Postponement of Studies

Transcripts and Certificates

Deferment of studies

Re-evaluation of grade

Cover Sheets

Forms and Templates for Degree Projects

Consent of publication in DiVA is normally made by filling in a digital form in the Student Portal under My studies. Former students who do not have access to the Student Portal can contact their Examiner or Student Service to get a form.

The templates for degree projects only consist of a front page, which is uniform for all degree projects that are written at the University of Skövde. The templates are also accessible. Normally, however, there is a specific template for other parts of the degree project. More information can be provided by the course coordinator.

Drop-out from Studies

  • Notification about Drop-out is to be sent by email to The mail should contain name, personal ID number and the name of the course you wish to drop out of

Interruption of Studies

Collection of Exams

Transfer of credits

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