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Being a buddy is a very fun and important assignment where you become part of the new students' introduction to student life. You become a role model and a representative of the University of Skövde.

Faddrar står mot scen under introt på campus 2019.

Sign up to be a Buddy

The registration for being a buddy for HT23 is now closed. If you have any questions please contact


When you sign up as a buddy you are expected to take care of the new students within a programme. We try to the greatest extent possible to ensure that you become a buddy for someone starting the same program as you.

Contact buddy

Being a contact buddy means that you will assist your program director in planning today's program meeting and be a channel to the other program buddies in your program. You will also be a channel to the new students by making sure they are contacted via email/social media before the intro.

International buddy

At the University of Skövde there are also students from large parts of the world and they need you. Moving to a new country to study is a big adjustment.

As an international buddy, you become a great and important support during the first time for someone in a new country. For you as a buddy, it is a chance to get to make friends with people from other countries. Large parts of the world are actually represented here at the University. As an international buddy you are expected to participate during the international introduction.

We provide you with buddy training

To prepare you for the assignment as a buddy, the University, together with the student union and student health, holds a mandatory buddy training which is divided into two parts.

  • If you have not been a buddy before, you have to attend both part 1 and 2.
  • If you have been a buddy before, you only have to attend part 2.

Training part 1

Training part 2

  • Part 2 takes place on 15 May at 17:30 at Kårhuset Boulogner

We expect you to participate in the joint activities during the introduction weeks, when all new students arrive.

Contribute without being a buddy

If you want to be involved during the induction weeks, but perhaps don't really have time to be a buddy, we have something for you as well. The student union needs help with a number of practical things during the first weeks of the semester. Or maybe your student association needs you to you talk about the association's activities and recruit new members. Contact the Student Union's intro general if you are interested:

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