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New and familiar leadership for the Student Union 2024

On November 30, the Student Union in Skövde held its annual autumn meeting (Höststämma), where the union board is elected. The chairman positions for 2024 are both new and familiar. Alfred Carlsson remains as Chairman, but is joined by a new Vice Chairman, Mie Unenge.

The new Union Board: Alfred Carlsson, Chairman, Mie Unenge, Vice Chairman, Caroline Wibjörk, Intro General and Paulina Sjödin, Information Officer.

Alfred Carlsson has been Chairman of the Student Union in Skövde since the beginning of 2022. Now he was elected Chairman for another year.

Who are you, Alfred Carlsson?

“I moved here from Gothenburg in 2017 and have remained here ever since. I have studied Game Development – Design and after graduation I studied for a year and a half on the programme Game Development – Sound. I have been involved in the Union since I moved here and have been involved in everything with Skövde Sexmästeri, both in the bar operations at the Union House and as a DJ. I have served as Event Chairman for two years, Chairman of the IT students Union section, Skills, and then my path led me to Chairman of the Student Union in Skövde, where I have now been since the beginning of 2022.”

“I am still passionate about working with student housing and the path from studies to the labour market. I also want to create a strong foundation for future Union boards to stand on. You shouldn’t have to have been involved for five years to be able to answer questions. Something more urgent now is of course students' finances. It is not easy to be a student at the moment and it is something I will fight for on a national level!”

“What I am looking forward to is steering the boat into port with new terms of office for the presidency and making sure that we are in the same order as the rest of student Sweden.* It will facilitate enormously for us and also the opportunity for new students to get involved at a higher level in the Student Union. Then of course it's sad not to work with Calle (Carl Ågren) anymore, but it's also exciting to work with someone new!”

*In other student unions, it is common for the term of office for the presidency to be the same as an academic year instead of a calendar year, which is standard in the Student Union in Skövde today.

Mie Unenge, new Vice Chairman

Mie Unenge is the new Vice Chairman for the Student Union and takes over from Carl Ågren, who held the post for two years. Mie is 26 years old and comes from Skara, but has been living in Skövde with her fiancé for three years.

“During my, so far rather short, time at the University of Skövde, I have already had an interest in how the Student Union works and gets involved. Already in my first year, I became Vice Chairman of the Student Union's economist section Safir and felt quite early on that it was something I wanted to continue with. That led me to the position of Vice Chairman of the Student Union in Skövde.”

Who are you, Mie Unenge?

“I like reading books and am interested in photography. I am studying the second year of the programme Personnel, organisation and leadership.”

“I will be working towards the goal that all students at the University should receive the best education possible and I want to be able to help everyone have as wonderful a study period as possible. I also want to continue to maintain the wonderful atmosphere with the various teachers, professors and the like with whom I will be working together. I want to be able to be a role model for wellness, and be a person all students feel they can turn to.”

“What I am looking forward to are the lessons that will come with the new role for me, and to develop the role. I hope to be able to bring in more people who want to be involved in the Union and in the work we do for all students, both at bachelor’s level and advanced level.”

We wish you the best of luck!

Published: 12/19/2023